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I am so impressed by this organization and TerryLynn Kuhl!   I was hired to do sound for one of my favorite Recording Artist and friend Brad Sims. What a great time! Excellent entertainment in a beautiful Venue! As more night clubs and Live Music Venues close there doors, here is a beautiful Lady taking matters into her own hands! TerryLynn is recognized as the foremost country Music Dance instructor in Edmonton! She was the Dance instructor at the Wild Wild West, Fandango's and the Draft. This has made her a significant Center of Influence in the Country Music scene! She is loved by all the entertainers and the audience for her ability to transform uncoordinated guys like me into smooth, debonair Country dance partners! All this while enjoying the best live entertainment available. Dirt Road Angels, Brad Sims, Andrea Nixon, Danita, Candace Brown, Dahlia Wakefield and a like! She has been able to have the Cream of the Crop contribute to the salvation of live entertainment by playing for enough to cover just more than their costs to keep the admission price to a bare minimum! Not to mention the risk, time, effort and money that TerryLynn and her volunteer staff contribute to make this a wonderful time! Check this out! It is by far the best entertainment, social value in Edmonton!

Soundman:Gerry Bradley


It's a great thing you are doing here! It is increasingly more difficult as you get older, to get out and meet new people..when you enjoy live music and dancing it does indeed keep you young at heart!♡ Thank you Terrylynn!

Customer:Lynne Kowalchuk


it's very relaxed and a family atmosphere than a bar scene. all the stress that's been going on disappears, when the music starts and feel like dancing to the music. I've always said that Country Music is like a big family, where everyone treats you the same, regardless if you're a pain the ass or not. Being a part of Boot Scootin' Boogie has helped me get out of my shell, plus it's something I can honestly say that I'm very honored to be part of. It's run by a fantastic, lady who has a true heart of gold. Thank you Terrylynn Kuhl for welcoming into this fantastic family.

Customer:Tracy LM


First off let me say this ! I love love love these dances! They are an amazing alternative to having to go to a bar or finding a place in general to go when you Don't know if the music or crowd is going to be good . These dances are ran by an amazing group of ladies who strive to keep the good times on the dance floor coming ! The music is always great , the clientele is always wonderful as it feels like a dancing home for many of us especially those that all know each other from the Wild West Saloon days ! The location And dance floor is great to dance on too! Keep the good times coming , spread the word , bring some good people to enjoy the fun!


Customer:Tyler Prazak


I personally love going to these events ! I would be so sad if they stopped. The atmosphere is great and the people are so awesome ! I love everyone who comes out to have a good time and dance ! I have met so many people working at these events and I get so excited when I get to work the next ones because I know I will get to see those people! Everyone makes me so happy and has helped me become better in bartending and helping Terrylynn out ! It's so much fun and the bands are awesome ! I much prefer these events rather than going to an actual bar ! I think everyone needs to invite there friends out to see for themselves ! It's a blast guys you won't regret it! It's affordable as well for a great night of dancing and drinking and just getting to know all these great amazing new people !! Terrylynn you are wonderful for taking your time to organize these events and I am so happy you chose me to help you out keep doing you!!!


Staff and Customer:Brooke Brewer


Huge thank you TerryLynn for all the very hard work you do organizing these hall dances. Us people young at heart over 50 who love to dance have no where to go to enjoy a fun eve full of dancing and listening to live entertainment. All these bands are fantastic. In the past few months I have met my friends that I have not seen for such a long time. On the flip side I have met and built new friendships (includes some band members) In a nut shell I always have a blast whether dancing or chatting with ,my friends. Am so very looking forward to the future hall dances. In order to find out on all the fun you may be missing join us on a Saturday or 02 or 03 to see and listen for yourself.


Customer:Liz Gaudreault


I love the live music and talking to new people! It allows me and my man to get out and have fun without the disadvantages you get at a bar. Hopefully we can learn how to dance now!


Customer:Nicole kroetsch


These events have really brought me out of my comfort zone, I love how welcoming everyone is, and how nice and very respectful everyone is to one another. I love working these events and how much fun we have each time! I think it's awesome that Terrylynn has put so much effort to make these events happen, & how hard she has worked to keep them going! Personally I think people should bring there friends down, & enjoy these events just as much as we do! It's a great experience, & the live music is Awesome.

Previous staff before she moved: now customer:Maddi De Jong


I've only been there once(Want to go again! its just finding the time) and I loved it. Its a super cool atmosphere and like Nicole said, you don't have the disadvantages like the bar. Everyone is super friendly and it just makes for a good time.


Holly Starkes


Dancing is good for the soul. Once you start to listen and feel the music then the unexplainable happens, you forget about life's stress, personal problems, negativity or drama bs. and it gives you freedom to express ones self, be individuals or connect with another, etc. Also, it's great for cardio and fun too! Of course I'd like to see them continue. Your goal is to bring everyone together that feels the same way. We (dancers) seem to be a little scattered for some reason but some of us know what you're trying to do. That's admirable to me for your efforts. Anyway, in a nutshell, that's my 2 cent opinion. I am the first to comment on your post, and would like to also hear whomever else's as well.


Customer:Gary Dolynchuk


What a fantastic night it was. I was so happy to be in the room with so many beautiful people. The Staff was great as usual with Terry Lynn running past smiling every 15 minutes. The Band killed it! Many new and old faces last night brought great memories from the past. Lots of hugs and laughs. Thanks to all!


Customer:Trevor Y


Prairie Sunrise absolutely loves playing the BSB stage. From amazing staff to the perfect dancehall atmosphere, we feel right at home. The dancers bring such an amazing energy to the room and add such an incredible warmth to the entire experience. Terrylynn is great to work with and we are really looking forward to our next go round. Thanks so much for the opportunity to perform at this world class venue.

Band: Prairie Sunrise


I have to tell you TL...I just met with some of my band mates for lunch today...nothing but kudos and compliments all around to YOU and your staff. Words like classy venu, classy event, respectful staff, cool sound guy, fun people "your dance friends" my band was so impresed with your hospitality. No wonder you have bands knocking on your door. We so love playing for dancers....that's what motivates us. Talk to you later.



The Big Daddy Band is very happy to announce that we'll be back at the Boot Scootin Boogie May 25 and 26 2018. Terrylynn Kuhl and her wonderful staff make it such a pleasure to be part of. Friendly, helpful and a fabulous dance floor to accommodate everyone, along with a superb sound and light system with Mr. Gerry Bradley at the controls!  This lady treats all her bands like royalty!  If you've not been yet, you owe it to yourself to stop in and be part of a club that's on the rise to great success... See you there!



BSB was a great experience, from the friendly, hard working staff to the owner and manager. Any questions they had answers, and they were very approachable and catered to our every request. The sound guy is a beauty and does a bang up job. terrylynn is accommodating and lets the band have fun without all the restrictions. the hall is absolutely beautiful now that its redone and the atmosphere is great. I had a great time there and would gladly go back!

Band:  Five of Diamonds