Our group mission and purpose

We are Community Center available private rentals for Events!

We provide structured Dance Lessons, considered a sport, as well as a Hot Lunch Program for those in need.  

Most importantly, we are NOT A BAR.  

Our "Let's Eat Lunch Program" is designed for individuals and families who have been hit harder than usual this year, come to Boot Scootin’ Boogie Dancehall at lunchtime EVERY SATURDAY and join us for a warm meal and a hot beverage or water bottle!   (12-3)

NO QUESTIONS ASKED about your situation!

Meals will change daily. Some days will be home made soups and some days will be burgers and fries.

Fresh produce will be available when we have it in stock.



Our Community Dance Club is non-profit that offers a casual, affordable form of Music/Dance Therapy which incorporates added therapeutic value by including Live Music when hosting our

Studies show that dancing and moving rhythmically with other people creates a powerful sense of “withness?” One of the benefits of dancing is an increased sense of vitality, an awakening and renewal of one’s life energy. We offer couples dancing and lessons as well as individual dancing in the form of line dancing and lessons.

Dancing is considered a "sport" by many!  Much like soccer or hockey, it requires physical exertion, practice and can be competitive in nature.  


Executive Director