Our group mission and purpose

Our Community Dance Club is non-profit casual, affordable form of Music/Dance Therapy which incorporates added therapeutic value by including Live Music whenever possible.
Studies show that dancing and moving rhythmically with other people creates a powerful sense of “withness?” One of the benefits of dancing is an increased sense of vitality, an awakening and renewal of one’s life energy. We offer couples dancing and lessons as well as individual dancing in the form of line dancing and lessons.

I have personally been involved in the location we historically known as the Wild West Saloon on 50th street through all of its transitions/owners as I had been passionate about this room and the possibilities it had. I can’t explain it but this room was “home” to me and many others! It was the Wild West for 32 years so clearly it has great potential! It has weathered a number of changes but will always be the Original Home of the Wild West Saloon.

I have watched it go from the Wild West, to Fandangos, to Draft Bar and Grill and last but not least to Draft Country Nightclub…and I have read reviews upon reviews of each venue name and owner.

When this final closure happened in April 2016 it was time to take the bull by the horns and do something about it!

I started “The West Hall Parties” to share and spread my love of music and dance!

I soon realized what we needed was to keep the History of the Wild West alive but have it become more "Community" friendly and "family" oriented!  

I am continuing my own Dance Lessons and Live Music Room in my own Recreation Facility/Hall as these components combined will always be a passion of mine. This passion first began in that wonderful room we all loved called the Wild West Saloon and that is where “Boot Scootin' Boogie Dances” originated from so why not have it land back there.

Our Dance Lessons and Weekend Workshop events cater to ALL ages. We have a live bands whenever possible and recorded music in between. Our Members have also outgrown the “bar scene” and prefer the Hall atmosphere we offer.

Boot Scootin' Boogie has been getting stronger and stronger since we started in March of 2016 and we hope to keep spreading the passion of dance and live music for many more years to come!


Executive Director


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